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Lionizer is an indie punk trio from Perth, Australia. Starting in 2012, they are releasing their first studio album “New Parts of Me” through Melbourne independent label, Whisk and Key Records.

Queer, feminist, energetic and relevant, their songs blend 90s riffs with a classic indie sound to create a sound that is both fresh and familiar. Their lyrics are everything you would expect from good punk in 2017; self-doubt, suicidal ideation and sex, a sense of being desperately out of control, but with the hope that it can get better.

Their first release off the album, “Violent Delights”, has that classic indie punk structure, and lyrics which honestly caught me by surprise. Covering heavy topics such as mental illness, harsh self-reflection, and with a harsh criticism of social media relevance and call out culture, it leaves you with a need for something better, something more. It urges us to disregard what we’ve been given, stand up for what you believe, and unfuck your life.

They are unexpectedly relatable, and that’s what makes this album a cut above the rest.

Lionizer’s album launch party is November 10th at the Boston, Perth.



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