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Kat Harley and Laura Bailey are the masterminds behind Mezkos dreamy vocals and Dark synth pop vibe. Their New EP – POLYCHRONIC proving that you don’t need a huge team or a long history in production to make some seriously danceable tracks.
Newly Signed with Inertia Music, This EP is a Honeypot of melodic and increasingly cushy vibes – Just what I needed for my Camp Doogs comedown. This pulsating EP is utterly digestible in almost any mood, While each track is thematically linked by their obvious producing style – It’s easy to pick out the diverse range of influences that this power duo have poured into their tracks.

The title track is wrapped up in somewhat eastern vibes, crunchy guitar and straight up and down catchy drum beats. While Trust, their first single from 2016, has been given a spring clean for the EP and brings in some heavy 80’s disco vibes into the mix. Mezko seem to seamlessly play with natural and synthisiszed sound – Tracks like Without you stepping out from the usual breathless voices of Kat and Laura and instead utilising their ever growing synth skillset to bring some future grind into the mix. Everyone Is possibly my favourite track on this EP – a creamy, creeping track pulls your right in with its snake charmer style and dares you to get your Goth stomp on, or just get lost in a moment with your bad self – but this track certainly gets under your skin and nigh on forces you to let it move through you.

The traction this duo have been picking up over in NSW seems to be on the up, and with good cause. POLYCHRONIC is a sensuous, dark and littered with great acid riffs. While I’m yet to lay my eyes on this duo in person, I highly recommend keeping your peepers open for these two playing in your town. These tracks can only be better live, loud and with the space to dance – or gently sway. Whatever floats your boat in terms of synth pop electro – Mezko’s POLYCHRONIC has you covered.





Sam El

Author Sam El

Sam El is a Perth Based Writer, Model and Half potato, half Human Hybrid. She's also the face behind (and infront) of Colabritos.com. When she's not paying the bills, Sam spends her time staring at spots on the walls untill her eyes water, Stopping people in the street so she can pat their dog, and avoiding eye contact. If you see her, say hello. She hates that.

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