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When talking about the non-binding 122 million dollar postal vote to decide as to whether or not a portion of Australians population can have the same basic human rights as others, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters “Australians are able and have demonstrated that they can have a respectful discussion. I am committed to that.”.

This respectful debate includes this tactful poster from the ‘No’ campaign, including falsified “statistics” from a not at all biased Catholic Priest at a Catholic University:

Or this wheatpaste by neo-nazi group “Australian traditional nationalists”, whose logo uses imagery from the Aryan Nation, a prison gang that has graced Australia’s shores:

Or this charming letterdrop in Sydney, with the charming bonus of being a bilingual appeal to cultural differences:

As you can see, Australia is well on its way to taking on the Harvard debate team.
This is all truly respectful, and not at all a reminder to the LGBTQ+ community that there’s a large portion of the population that despises their very existence.



Michael Winsall

Author Michael Winsall

Not Content with living life within a bubble, Michael continually pulls at the threads of society, looking for the one that will unravel the very fabric of our culture. When not poking proverbial bears, Michael can be found crafting molotov cocktails of outrage to get your blood boiling.

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