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Photo by Phil Bradley

Who the fuck knew I was into Doom Metal? Certainly not me, mainly because I never even knew Doom Metal was a thing. King Zog are labelled as a Doom Metal band and they were having an album launch at the Bassendean Hotel on Friday night (1 December). This is the debut album from the Perth band and the launch saw them play the entire self-titled album live.

One thing about the physical album that’ll catch your attention is the great sleeve artwork. It really is a good-looking album cover with a zombie King captured in hues of red and gold. The 10 track album runs just short of an hour and it fucking pulls you in, fucks you up and spits you out. You really do get lost in the grinding boulder of sound and the hauntingly encapsulating vocals of lead singer, Daniel Durack.

Durack’s vocals which are tantalizingly mesmerising in tone and pitch are not lost when performing live. They remain clean and strong and are almost a trance like hypnotic chant that take you on a journey into the fields of doom from which you know there is no return. They melt flawlessly with the heavy sound of the pounding drums, ripping guitars, massive distortion and intense feedback that fucking ripped through the Bassendean Hotel at a volume that would liquefy the brains of mere mortals.

The lyrics are all full of doom and gloom, which I guess is a given for Doom Metal, and that sits just fucking nice with me as I’m a real doom and gloom kind of asshole. Some of the tracks that got me straight away included, Lost at Sea, Hexagram and Temple’s Temple. These tracks grab onto you like a grappling hook and drag you into the pit from which there is no escape. Once you’re in there, you realise that the album is a well put together piece of work that will stand up to the test of time.

As far as the album launch went, the turnout was not amazing and as the night went on the crowd slowly dwindled away to but a mere few of the King Zog faithful. The room did have some serious, slow head banging fans and I did see a couple of people who bought a copy of the album so I am hoping that the band gained some fucking encouragement from the night. I think the sound that this band is creating, the tight sets that they are playing and on the back of a professionally delivered album they could easily be playing to stadiums at metal festivals in Europe and they wouldn’t be out of place.

Unfortunately, that’s the shit thing about the Perth populace in general, it doesn’t actively support the local music scene to help local bands grow and then it fucking complains that there are no bands coming out of Perth. Hell, Perth has always prided itself as being a fucked-up full on metal head filled City. This launch should’ve had a much larger crowd to support a local band that has funded the recording of an album, and a really good album at that. I’m sure that their gigs will grow in size in the very near future if they continue of the track that they’re currently on.

Photo by Phil Bradley

Ok, so Doom Metal may not be for everyone, I didn’t think it was for me either, but I was wrong there. I think as a comparison I would relate it to an older style British metal in the same vein of Black Sabbath, which the band has noted as an influence to their sound.  King Zog have produced a tight sounding album with some great tracks,  they are a tight unit when playing live and you can tell they have put the time in. Here’s hoping the pay off is huge for them.

I don’t really have enough big words left to say how impressed the sound of King Zog is. Hopefully the band moves onwards and upwards to greater things because, if this album and their live performance is anything to judge them by, they are destined for some serious shit. Ticked all the boxes in my book. The debut album from the band delvers a fantastic doom-enriched journey filled with great tracks that are churning out hypnotically savage riffs, slower droning repetitive monster sounds, teased with melodic harmony and lyrics that fucking dig into your flesh to get to your soul. I’d recommend that you give it a listen or catch the band live as it’s something that you will remember. Hell, when they’re playing in those Metalfests in Europe, you can say you were into them when they were playing in Perth pubs.

I may not be into Doom Metal, haven’t heard enough of it really, but I’m definitely into King Zog.





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