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Calling all weirdos! Join us for an ocular feast of dark debauched cabaret, and avant-garde striptease. Our curious collective of misfits will tantalize and tease out your inner freak: Essie Foxglove, the audacious aesthetic fetishist, Ivory Bound, purveyor of spectacle and satire, and the ever wild by name and wild by nature, Wild Kat. Unshackle yourself from the restraints of mundane normality! Let us lead you on a journey of wild abandon, exploring the unusual, the obscure, and the beautifully bizarre. Leave your responsibilities and inhibitions at the door.


1) What is it about this show that is obscure? 

It’s not your usual burlesque show, we delve into the dark and alternative. We celebrate whats weird about ourselves and our individual lifestyles, artforms and interests. I myself have drawn a lot of inspiration for my acts from my culture of fetish and kink. We are the darker side of burlesque but still fun. We have never really felt like we fit into the norm in our lives and the burlesque scene and we kind of wanted to actually celebrate that as it has given us a completely different aesthetic. In a nutshell, we are the girls from The Craft “We are the weirdos Mister”


2) Who came up with the concept for the show? How did it come together? 

Essie and Ivory came together and wanted to collaborate on a Fringe show with a difference and decided they were up for the challenge of producing their very own show and all its trials and tribulations. Next step was ‘who is the weirdest person we know to add to the cast?’ and of course that was me haha. Two very special people and I put on an all-inclusive fetish and kink event in Perth called Carnal Society in which I also MC. The event has given me weirdo notoriety, especially because I’m so open about my lifestyle. They had also seen my darker, edgier performances for Perth burlesque company Lady Velvet Cabaret, and asked if Obscura was something I would be keen on helping with…….and of course I jumped at it like an excitable mongoose! 


3) Kat, you and Essie Foxglove work on another project called ‘lens femmes’, what is so important about creating female-only spaces for creatives? 

The photography industry has always been very male-dominated. Essie, myself and our illustrious Obscura host Ruby slippers thought it was about time we banded together to not only create a judgment-free space for female photographers who also love to be in front of the camera. The incredible Chayla Tayler who is an amazing burlesque photographer is also a part of the lens femmes gang and together we have created some amazing celebratory art of the female form. We have raised each other’s confidence and self-value as professionals and hobbyist photographers and opened up a place of support, for sharing of knowledge and created wonderful new friendships. 


4) Who are your performance art inspirations? 

I’m a huge fan of four home-grown performers. One of my all-time favourites is definitely my Lady Velvet Cabaret sister Sugar Du Jour. I am in awe of her beauty and sense of humour on and off the stage. Sugar proves that funny and sexy can absolutely go hand in hand. I am originally a belly dancer and that heavily influenced my burlesque. Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes with their dark gothic tribal fusion are my heroes,  their exotic moves and costumes have given me a great love of the dark, mysterious and sexy side of the stage.


5) What has been your experience working for Fringe Festival in the past? 

Fringe Festival is my favourite time of year.  I love nothing more than getting this chance to completely submerge and indulge in glamour, performance fun and all the bright lights of the arts! I try to soak up as much of it as possible within the month as it fills me with so much joy and wonder, its almost copping a months worth of Tinkerbell’s fairy dust and being able to fly! 

Photo by Shaun Ferraloro

6) What kind of reaction are you hoping for from the audience? 

We want many reactions. Shock, arousal, laughter, excitement and of course lots of love. We want our audience to feel involved in our show. I want the audience to be encompassed and throw away their inhibitions and be weird with us, if only for an hour.


7) Why do you use burlesque as the medium for expressing these concepts? 

Burlesque allows for such a broad spectrum of expression. Its the perfect medium for allowing people into my weird ways, to see the things I love and to of course totally show off! It’s a space that allows me to feel sexy to embrace my femininity and to create wonderful works of art with props costumes and dance. 


8) What else are you working on at the moment? 

At the moment I’m also performing for Lady Velvet Cabaret’s  shows “Guilty Pleasures”  at the Flour Factory, performing latex clad, complete with whip crackin’ and butt slappin’!   Also, Lady Velvet Cabaret’s Symphonies of Sensuality doing a traditional veil belly dance. Then after all that Fringemas, I think I may work on some much-needed sleep then hopefully organising another Carnal Society for my Perth kinksters. 


9) Who are your top picks to see at Fringe Festival? 

I absolutely adore our freaky friends at  “El Bizarro”. The beautiful performance art of Essie Foxgloves “Drowning” is a definite must see and as for comedians I am living for anything that Cameron Mclaren and Umar Azad do. I recently went on a new addition to Fringe called Murder Mystery History and my goodness I  never realised how little I know about my own City and the crazy things that have happened here, I came away feeling very educated and with a new appreciation for the city I live in.


Obscura is playing at the main room of Connections Nightclub on the 7th and 9th of February. Tickets are available here.



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