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Robert Buratti
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Robert Buratti

Robert Buratti
Robert is a curator, writer and artist working across a range of media. He has been a finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Prize, Albany Art Prize, Brisbane Art Prize, Victoria Park Art Awards and many others. He was awarded residencies at Red Gate Gallery (Beijing China) and Abroas (Holland), and is sponsored by the iconic art company Hameline (Canson).
His own writing has been published in Raw Vision (New York), Artist Profile magazine, Australian Art Review, New Dawn magazine and The Australian Newspaper amongst others.
His early love for comic book art as a child spawned his first interest in drawing, so a return to the genre was always on the cards at some point. His many collaborations with Laith Tierney opened the door, and their shared interest in the esoteric side of life can’t help but find its way into the imagery and ethos of Mysteria Maxima Media.
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October 5, 2017

To Play the Game, or Not to Play the Game

Sooner or later at some point in the creative life of any individual, comes the decision as to whether they…
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